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I used to think the phrase "Chase Your Dreams" was dead on. Like, "Yeah! Chasing your dreams is the thing to do to get what you want, especially if you want it badly.” And you see the phrase all over the place… memes, posters, infographics, and with a good intended meaning behind it, I’m sure.

But several years ago, I started dissecting the phrase and what it meant to something you so badly want. 

If you're chasing something, more than likely the thing you're chasing doesn't want to be caught; it wants to keep getting away from you. You're on opposite teams.

Now, what kind of relationship is that to have with something you want so badly? What kind of relationship is that to have with something that’s supposed to be yours? After all, the phrase is Chase your dreams. If it’s yours, why are you having to chase it? What’s more so the case is you have gotten away from it. As we get older it happens all the time. Life takes over. Distractions come from all directions. Financial responsibilities come up that might not readily seem to compliment your dreams.

Image from Pixabay

Image from Pixabay

But if you’ve had a dream for decades and it hasn’t become reality, you’ve been ignoring it, but IT hasn’t gone anywhere. And you know this to be true because you’re still thinking about it... even after all these years. Pining over it. It hasn’t gone away because it still wants to be born; still wants to be manifested.

So, imagine if you and your dreams are on the same team. Your intentions are aligned, you're working with your dreams rather than against them. And in turn, you support each other like best friends. Like partners, even. Like there's no personal space between you. And, at this point, you’ve come to embrace your dreams, and they allow it to happen.

So go on... stop chasing your dreams, and embrace your dreams, instead.

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